he▓ Taihang Mountains, Fupi
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e both visited by Xi in 2012 and then had had their homes rebuilt and living standards improved."My cu▓rrent living conditions are almost t

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he same as someone living in the city. I used to live in a clay house and was not accustomed to my new home when I moved in," Gu


▓ogram since the mid-1990s.

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s▓aid. His new house has four bedrooms, a living room and a k▓itchen.Since 2013 Gu and his son have been working in construction in the village, earning 200 ▓yuan (29 U.S. dollars) per day. They also receiv▓e 4,000 yuan per year to rent their farmland.Tang Rongbin's house was renovated with a governmen

t fund."I never ▓dreamed of living in such a house before," he said. He rents three rooms of his house to a tourism company.Farmers in Luotuowan no longer cultiv

ate the traditional crops of potato and corn, once their major income source. Instead, they grow apple trees and mushrooms, with investment from two companies. This brings more income in the form of rents, sala

ries and b▓onuses from the two firms.Per capita ▓income in the village increased to 3,0▓00 yuan in 2015 from less than 1,000 in 2▓012. In 2015 alone, 48 families escaped from poverty."Poverty reduction cannot simply rely on 'transfusing blood.' We must take advant

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age of resources an▓d develop industries," said Xu Xiangdong, an official from th

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e provincial housing department who was dispatched to the village to h

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elp eradicate poverty.It is common fo▓r officials to be chosen to work in villag?/p>

rty-stricken popul ation was around 110,000, or▓ 48 percent of i ts total.Great changes sta rted taking pl ace in thi s remote villa▓ge a fter a visit by Xi J inping in December 2012, sho rt▓ly after he wa s elected genera l secret ary of the Com munist Party of China Central Commi▓t tee.During his 2012 tr ip to the county , Xi told offici 武鸣县5G 乌拉特中旗wap 濮阳县wap 沽源县5G 奉新县wap 桐城市wap 汉沽区wap 望城县5G 天津市wap 安平县5G 宝丰县wap 歙县wap 武汉市wap 汶上县wap 黄平县wap 常熟市wap 金秀瑶族自治县5G 汉源县wap 柏乡县wap 固阳县wap 单职业传奇私服网站新 魅影迷失传奇私服 今日新开热血传奇私服网 单机传奇私服架设教程 变态传奇私服微端版 w7传奇私服单机架设 新开传奇私服99s 传奇私服gm充值命令 微端传奇私服新开区网站 网通新开传奇私服网站